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AFA Members
How to join the AFA?
Who is allowed to join the AFA?
AFA Associate Members
AFA Members


There are three types of membership:

1- Pan Arab FULL MEMBERS : Arab franchisors and Arab Franchisees with a fully comprehensive and defined active franchise concept , as Franchisors or Franchisees and undertake to agree and accept the regulations set by the statute and by-laws of the Arab Franchise Association which includes the code of ethics adopted by The Arab Franchise Association.

Arab franchisors that have yet to have an active fully comprehensive and defined franchised active concept thus do not meet the conditions of full membership, but are working towards meeting full membership within a period of one year after admission.

3- Pan Arab Franchise EXPERTS :

The Arab Franchise Association welcomes the participation of Arab Franchise experts who have experience in any and all the aspects related to the Arab franchising industry and its development.
These selected groups of Qualified Arab Franchise Experts / Consultants, who understand the Arab world and in turn will be able to provide consultations to AFA members in the form of direct advice, training, franchise support, and other related services.

The Arab Franchise Association will monitor the performance of the consultants to ensure that all members are served properly ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship based on the contents of the available consultations which in turn increases growth and profitability for all involved in the Arab Franchise sector.

Any one, Arab franchisor, Arab franchisee or Arab Franchise Expert interested in applying to any category of membership is expected to fill the application from and sign the Arab Franchise Association Code of Ethics for evaluation by the admission committee and recommendation to Board of Directors for final decision.

Kindly note that the Arab Franchise Association also encourages Non Arab Franchisors (subject to verification of having no affiliation hat so ever with the state of Israel ) to use the services of the these consultants to understand the Arab world market place and in many cases to Arabize their product or service before venturing into Franchising in the Arab world and granting any Franchise as well as to seek Legal advice from these consultants prior to signing any Franchise Legal Agreement and when in doubt.
Arab Franchise Association
Friday, 23 Aug 2019 06:52
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Sep 2011 - AFA announces officially its headquarters being Beirut

Feb 2011 - Jordan

Horeca 2011 - Beirut
Horeca 2011 - KSA

Sep 2011 - Arab Investment Conference for Banking, Industry, Tourism and Real Estate

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